Monday, September 16, 2013

Gluten Free Almond Tart Crust

This is the last installment in the recipes leading up to the most amazing cake you have ever had.  While the recipe is for the aforementioned cake, it is a fabulous crust that would go well with just about any tart that you wanted to make.  In fact I've been toying with using it to make a homemade version of Almondy Tarte.

I borrowed this recipe from a couple others I found,  I simply converted it to be Gluten Free!

Gluten-free almond tart
combined recipe from the Joy of Cooking and Deb's post of Dorie Greenspan's tart crust

3/4 c rice flour mix
3/4 c almond flour
½ c ground almonds
1/2 c brown sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 t xantham gum (scant)
1 stick cold butter
1 egg
1oz ( about 2 T almond paste, left from an 8 oz can
1 cup coconut (dried out coconut works best because it chops up better)

Pulse the dry ingredients together in the food processor, then cut up the butter and add that. Pulse until butter is about the size of peas. Beat the egg, and add while the processor is running. Keep mixing until the dough starts to come together. Pat the crust into a large spring form pan, prick all over with a fork, and freeze for half an hour or so. Preheat the oven to 375. Lightly grease the shiny side of a piece of foil, and press it down on top of the crust and over the edges. Bake 25 minutes. Take off the foil and fill as you would like, then bake again. If the edges get too brown, cover them with foil, but even dark brown the crust is still delicious and perfect. 
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